Featuring modern benches, Internationale collection was created by Michel Dallaire's Design firm for the Quartier International de Montréal project. This urban series was awarded several prizes on both the local and international scene.

Inspired by the Riopelle foundation fountain which this bench sits beside. Jean-Paul Riopelle is best know for his abstract painting style, in particular his "mosaic" works of the 1950s when he famously abandoned the paintbrush, using only a palette knife to apply paint to canvas, giving his work a distinctive sculptural quality.

Inaugurated in 2004, the Quartier international (QIM) is an urban area located between the city's business district and Old Montreal. Restoring the link between two of Quebec's major tourism sectors and revitalizing the area, the QIM displays innovation in design, architecture and planning and to stage cultural activities.


Orange Prize - Landscape and Urban Design Award From Save Montreal

Gold Award - Landscape architecture prize from the National Post Design Exchange Awards

Landscape Award from Télé-Quebec and the Arts in the City

Metropole Award from the Montreal Design Institute (IDM)