La Vague

Placott'art - La Vague bench provides a break for families and friends who have come to enjoy the Old Port. Created by 2x4 Studios and Lucas Tisné.

“The orientation of the modules and the shape of the wave allow you to choose to either sit in the provided shade at the hottest time of the day or bask in the sun.”

Designer Lucas Tisné

Since mid-July 2020, the downtown experience has been redefined through a physical environment redesigned and animated to make it more welcoming, fun and convivial. Focusing on strolling routes, pedestrian streets and furnished terraces, ambulatory activities and spontaneous, cultural happenings and impromptu performances in places and atypical environments are therefore at the proposed cultural rendexvous. Amenities will remain accessible until mid‑October.

2x4 is a firm of architects in constant balance between the ephemeral interactive and recyclable experience and the desire for responsible and lasting architecture, respectful of artisanal methods and know‑how.